Building Regulation Board - Exemptions

Building Regulation Board - Exemptions

Building Regulation Board Requests for Relaxation or Dispensation of Building Regulations

As per CAP 513 of the Laws of Malta titled the BUILDING REGULATION ACT, a person may request the Building Regulation Board (BRB) to give a direction for the relaxation or dispensation (in whole or in part) of the building regulations in accordance with the Building Regulation Act (CAP 513) subject to any additional conditions that the Building Regulation Board may deem fit.

The following are the procedures for an applicant to submit to the Building Regulation Board (BRB) such a request for the relaxation or dispensation of building regulations under CAP 513, BUILDING REGULATION ACT:

Applicants are to submit a signed copy of all necessary documentation, to be filed at the Office of the Building Regulation Board as follows:
a - either physically at Horn Works Ditch, Emvin Cremona Street, Floriana FRN1280, Malta
b - or by electronic email on

The request for exemption/dispensation must include:
- A detailed technical report giving the reasons why a case dispensation or relaxation would be justified
- All Plans and necessary Drawings
- Site plan
- PA permit if applicable
- All quoted permits / decisions, cited or referred to documents have to be presented and not just the reference number cited - eg quoted PA permit – necessary copies of the cited permit must be presented

In the application containing the request for the relaxation or dispensation, the applicant is to name any witnesses which he/she intends to produce

The decisions of the Building Regulation Board shall be final except with respect to points of law, from which there may lie an appeal to the Court of Appeal (Inferior Jurisdiction) within twenty (20) days from the day the applicant and any person making the representation before the Board is notified with the decision of the Board, and such appeals shall be regulated by such rules of court as may be made in accordance with article 29 of the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure.