BCA’S Irrinova Darek Scheme – A Success

Press Release

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) announced that the pilot scheme ‘Irrinova Darek’ was a success with a total of 100 applications received throughout the month of March 2022.

The scheme was launched to support the renovation of properties within the Grand Harbour district as these localities include buildings that are predominantly energy inefficient and present major challenges to renovation. The BCA allocated the sum of €600,000 for this initiative with the intention to start addressing the national renovation targets for private dwellings in line with the long-term renovation strategy.

Minister for Public Works and Planning Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi expressed his satisfaction about the success of this scheme, “This will lead to a substantial number of families from the towns in the inner Grand Harbour, including Cottonera, to benefit from grants of up to a maximum of €15,000.”

He added that with these grants, many families will be able to carry out works in their property, such as improvements related to thermal insulation, natural ventilation, solar water heaters and upgrades like double glazing to apertures, amongst others.

“The greatest satisfaction is when you witness the public participating in the initiatives our Authority launches, that will lead to a better living environment. We are pleased that the pilot scheme ‘Irrinova Darek’, which was available between the 1st of March and the 1st of April, received over 100 registrations’’ said the CEO of the Building and Construction Authority, Mr Karl Azzopardi.

One of the key renovation features of this scheme enables buildings to have an energy performance that is 20% better than Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. Other key features include reducing the energy required for heating to passive house levels, reducing the energy required for cooling and lighting, as well as, enabling the integration of renewable energy sources.

Upon completion of works, up to 90% of the project cost will be disbursed in accordance with the evaluation carried out by the BCA. The maximum disbursement is €15,000 with an additional €900 going towards the installation of a solar water heater or a heat-pump water heater. The maximum portion disbursed for the works involving the installation of a solar water heater is 50% of the cost.

Through the ‘Irrinova Darek’ scheme, the BCA shall continue its drive to reform the building and construction industry by being committed to building a more sustainable society for all.

“With such measures, the country will also be moving in the direction of meeting its energy efficiency targets more proficiently, while the families who install these systems will be investing in their future, both in terms of saving on utility bills as well as their wellbeing, hence an improved quality of life,” said Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi.



Irrinova Darek