Building &
Construction Agency

The BCA is responsible for the design, implementation and dissemination of policies together with the consolidation and review of laws and regulations, in the form of a national building code. The Agency is authorised to collaborate with other agencies, corporations, authorities, government and non-government entities and other persons for the carrying out of its functions, as well as with carrying out all the necessary preparations to set up the Building and Construction Authority.

Latest News

Notice for Licensed Masons

20th July 2020
Press Release

BCA Seals off Gzira Site

13th April 2020
Press Release

Notice for Licenced Masons - COVID-19

26th March 2020
Press Release

Initiation of Criminal Proceedings

18th March 2020
Press Release


Forms and Legislations


Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Request for Dispensation, Relaxation
or Exemption (BRB)