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Site Technical Officer (STO) Application Form

The Site Technical Officer is nominated by the contractor and shall be accepted by the Perit in charge of the project. He is responsible for the enforcement of the method statement covering the works which the contractor who nominates him is responsible for. He is to be present on site whenever major decisions are being taken that influence the risk of damage to third-party property or injury to persons that may be caused by the works. The Site Technical Officer shall ensure that the contractor is complying with current regulations and that the Method Statement itself is being followed in a meticulous manner.

Competent persons who can act as a Site Technical Officer are either a Perit (warranted architect) or a person in possession of a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Such competent persons are duly encouraged to have their details included in the respective register compiled and made public by the Building and Construction Authority.

The duties and responsibilities of a Site Technical Officer are derived from the provisions of Subsidiary Legislation 623.06 – Avoidance of Damage to Third Party Property Regulations.

The application can be downloaded here