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Licensing of Masons

Published: 26th July 2023
Closing Date: 4th September 2023


Masons’ licences are currently regulated by the Code of Police Law and are issued by the Director of Public Works (Article 95) following an examination by the Masons Board (constituted under Article 96). Under the Building and Construction Authority Act, the Building and Construction Authority has been assigned to perform and succeed in the functions of the Masons Board, whilst is empowered to issue licences for the better performance of the construction industry. The Act XVI of 2023, recently enacted,  amends the BCA Act which allows for the establishment of committees within the BCA, and shall have the mandate to issue masons’ licences in accordance to established procedure and criteria to fully succeed the function currently held by the Director of Public Works.

Objectives of the Licensing Process

  • to provide a better licensing process reflecting the current scenario of the building activity which have well evolved since the original mason licence has been in place
  • defines the criteria and the necessary skills required by a natural person to operate as a mason
  • training obligations to ensure that new licence holders and current licence holders continue to improve their skills and are made aware of best practices and new building technologies
  • the mason’s licence is a requirement for the contractor’s licence. Once the contractor’s licence will be in force, all new works must be assumed by the licensed contractor
  • this licence will be subject to further review once the process of skill cards is established at law and structured within a distinct regulation.


Submission of Input

The Building and Construction Authority invites the public and interested parties to send their comments and feedback related to the Draft Masons’ Licence Regulations. Representations are to be sent by email on: Submissions must be sent to the Authority by not later than the 4th September 2023. Thank you for your input.