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Closed: A pilot scheme to help you save money and the environment at home through improved energy efficiency.

Registration for this scheme has now closed, as of 1st April 2022

The scheme, which is still at a pilot stage, is being made available to upgrade properties in the Grand Harbour district.

The government will initially allocate the sum of €600,000 to embark on such an initiative; this will act as a baseline to potential further schemes.

Irrinova Darek enables the renovation of dwellings to reach the dual aims of saving energy in homes and turning these into cost-effective units to be sustained by families. The upgrades can be tailored to the dwelling’s specific needs and are flexible such that several energy efficiency measures, integration of renewable energy sources and associated interventions are possible.

Eligible residential properties

Dwellings within the localities bordering the Grand Harbour Area are eligible for the scheme, namely: Kalkara, Birgu, Bormla, Isla, Għajn Dwieli, Kordin, Marsa, Floriana, Valletta.

Key renovation features:

Energy performance 20% better than Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
Reduces energy required for heating to passive house levels
Reduces energy required for cooling
Reduces the energy required for Lighting
Enable the integration of renewable energy sources

Are you interested?

Here’s how to apply:

Applicants must register with the Building and Construction Authority to register their interest in applying for the scheme.

Upon registration, and upon being informed to proceed, eligible applicants are required to engage a registered energy performance assessor for dwellings to move with the collation of data, compile information and submit the full application.

Necessary Preparations, Details and Registration for the scheme:

Irrinova Darek Scheme applications must be submitted between 1st March 2022 till 1st April 2022 (both days included).


Those interested in this scheme are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Irrinova Darek documents below to help them make the necessary preparations.

Important Documents

  1. Irrinova Darek 2022 – Application Process Summary
  2. Irrinova Darek 2022 – Guidelines
  3. Irrinova Darek 2022 – Technical Eligibility
  4. Irrinova Darek 2022 – Technical Template
  5. Irrinova Darek 2022 – Application Form
  6. Irrinova Darek 2022 – Bill of Quantities
  7. Irrinova Darek 2022 – State of Repair Report